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How to Prepare for CARBTest Appointments

Prior to bringing your vehicle to a CARBTest facility, we ask that you review the following CARBTest inspection guidelines.


  • Please submit all of the required vehicle information/documentation for CARBTest Referee’s pre-inspection review.
  • Appointments may not be confirmed until all supporting documentation has been uploaded to

CARBTest Appointment

  • You may be required to have your CARBTest appointment rescheduled if you arrive later than 15 minutes from your scheduled appointment time.
  • Your CARBTest appointment is scheduled for 50 minutes; however, the inspection could take longer than expected.
  • If you cannot keep your appointment for any reason, please reschedule at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time.
  • If you do not show for your CARBTest referee appointment, you will be subject to a 14 day hold for your next scheduled appointment.

Vehicle Requirements

  • Please confirm that the vehicle is in a safe and fully functional operating condition in order for the CARBTest Referee to inspect your vehicle.
  • Please DO NOT arrive with your trailer attached to your vehicle. CARBTest locations cannot accommodate additional equipment.
  • If the inspection site is currently in use, please park your vehicle in designated CARBTest waiting areas only.
  • During CARBTest Referee inspections, it may be necessary to conduct an OnBoard Diagnostic (OBD) download from the vehicle's Data Link Connector (DLC) if it is equipped with OBD functionality. If your vehicle has OBD capabilities, please ensure that the DLC (also referred to as the OBD port) is free of any other devices. The vehicle operator will be requested to remove any devices, such as an Electronic Driver Log (ELD) or Telematic Device (TMD), from the OBD port prior to initiating the OBD scan.
  • Should the vehicle operator encounter difficulty in removing the device(s) to conduct the OBD scan, the CARBTest Referee will not conclude your CARBTest inspection at that time. Your CARBTest inspection status will be recorded as incomplete, necessitating the scheduling of an additional CARBTest appointment once the OBD port becomes accessible.